General Pest Control

From bedbugs to spiders, to flies, ants & bees, we can take care of them. Silverfish, cockroaches, ants, termites, general bugs and other critters are all part of nature but when they enter in our house or business, they become pests that can potentially threaten our health, our property, our comfort and lifestyle.

A+ pest control professionals have the knowledge and expertise to identify and get rid of pest infestations. A+ is not only qualified, but also has the knowledge and experience to achieve this goal.

As part of our free inspection, A+ will thoroughly inspect the perimeter of your home to determine specific infestations and places that may allow pest entry. We will provide you with a written estimate list of recommendations for corrections of any conditions found that contribute to possible pest infestation.

We only apply the most technically advanced baits and repellent materials around the outside and inside of your home or business.


Flies & Spiders

Flies and Spiders are an all-too-common annoyance in Oklahoma.
Spiders are important elements of the natural ecosystem and help to control pest insect populations as well as provide food for animals higher up the food chain. Unfortunately for us, spiders generally come indoors in search of food, water, and/or mating season instead of something more nefarious. If you see one or many spiders in your home it is important to attempt to remove available habitat and food sources in order to control them. This can include dusting and cleaning regularly, removing or controlling prey insects, clearing spider webs, etc. We are the specialists!

When it comes to flies, to put flies on defense, you need a plan for offense. Once we review your specific situation, we’ll recommend a combination of the following to ensure your business is protected from flies. Know where you stand with a comprehensive inspection of your facility. During this stage, we’ll identify signs of fly activity, trace points of entry and determine what attracted them in the first place.


Snake Removal Services

From rattlesnakes to black racers, A+ will remove any snake, poisonous or not, from your home or building. A representative will be dispatched to your property to determine what type of snake is making its home too close for comfort. First, our specialist will remove the snake(s) from your property to an uninhabited area. Next, we’ll evaluate your home or commercial building to identify any points of entry. Because snakes have the ability to slither into small openings, we’ll seal off any holes to deter them from reentering through these access points in the future.
The most common type of venomous snakes locally are pit vipers, which include rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and copperheads. The only other type of venomous snake in Oklahoma is the coral snake, which is very brightly colored with red sections touching yellow bands. Most snakes will actually try and stay as far away from you as possible and are not a threat, but we understand the need to keep your family, coworkers and pets safe.

Leave snake removal to the professionals at A+!


Termite Control

Your first service visit includes both an inspection and treatment. We will begin with a thorough examination of both the interior and exterior of your building/home.

During this inspection, we’ll take a look at not only the current physical condition of the wood in your home but also the conditions present that could create a potential for termite activity later. This inspection will pay close attention to any areas with wood-to-ground contact and will require the technician to be able to physically access the property and be able to get around trees, shrubs, and outdoor furniture.

If we find active termites on the building itself, after the inspection, we will do a liquid spot treatment so we can resolve termite situations immediately. We will use the trench and treat method around the exterior of the home, and we will drill small holes and treat slab foundations, crawlspaces, patios, and anything that needs to be treated.

If we find something near plumbing, we will apply preventative treatment there. We will foam the interior of the wall in areas that we find suspicious and places where we cannot physically see in the wall. If we suspect any activity or any future activity, we will treat that area. We’ll also discuss multiple ways to eliminate the termite-conducive conditions we found during the initial inspection.


Rodent Control

Due to the dangers, risks and health concerns that accompany having rats in your attic, A+ is decided to venture where no company has ever gone before and created specialized methods.  We will permanently resolve rat infestations of any size, any complexity and in any type of setting. This has allowed A+ to break the molds of conventional rodent control, rodent removal, rat control and rat removal/trapping tactics and truly focus on not only eradicating the existing rat infection in your attic, walls, crawlspaces and/or subfloors, but sealing your home or business to prevent further issues. Our Specialists have seen it all and have never faced a rat/rodent problem that we couldn’t handle.