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We offer a full treatment pest control services inside and outside your home. We treat along the baseboards of the entire house, in bathrooms, under sinks, and where pipes penetrate the walls. Outside, we spray around the foundation of your home treating problematic areas such as bushes, plants, and trees. If you are not fully satisfied with our service we will return for free.

Our goal is to become the preeminent provider of pest control services in the Midwest. We provide superior service with integrity, promoting employee productivity and loyalty. We possess the knowledge and skills necessary to inspect, treat, and protect our clients' homes and businesses.

Termite Service Why do I need Termite Inspection

As you may know, homes in Oklahoma are extremely vulnerable to termite attacks. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture warns that the probability termites will attack wooden structures within ten to twenty years of being built is greater than 70% in Oklahoma, and termite attacks may even begin within a year after construction. Given the significant probability ....

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FleaServiceDon't let fleas take over your home

We at A+ Pest Control thank you for your business, and hope to extend you a few helpful tips to eliminate your flea infestation. Even though we use the best products available for flea control, there are a few things you can do to help us. First and foremost, given that each of your pets can carry thousands of fleas, it is essential they be treated with some sort of flea product. Consult a veterinarian or check with your local pet-supply store for treatment options.

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Ant/Spider ControlAnt Control Solutions

We specialize in the eradication of ants and spiders (including Brown Recluse and Black Widows).
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Our goal at A+ Pest Control is to keep your home pest free. We can accomplish this by using a common product on most household insects. Sometimes these products, unfortunately, are less effective on ants since the repellant in the insecticide often fractures their colonies and kills only those in direct contact with the product, leaving a majority of the colony unaffected. .

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Bed-BugTreatment - Bed Bug Elimination by A+ Pest Control

Although bed bugs were virtually extinct 50 years ago, over the last decade they have made a major comeback in the United States. At A+ Pest Control, our bed-bug program is a comprehensive service to eliminate infestations or proactively defend against them. Our service treats the areas where bed bugs nest and breed, employing several different methods and products to attack them. Preparation for treatment is crucial, and with your cooperation we can gain control of the situation and make sure that you sleep tight.

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