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Don't Let Fleas take over your Home!

We at A+ Pest Control thank you for your business, and hope to extend you a few helpful tips to eliminate your flea infestation. Even though we use the best products available for flea control, there are a few things you can do to help us. First and foremost, given that each of your pets can carry thousands of fleas, it is essential they be treated with some sort of flea product. Consult a veterinarian or check with your local pet-supply store for treatment options.

Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming can also help us dispose of flea adults and especially eggs--which can sometimes be resistant to our products. Simply walking on the carpet can create enough vibration to hatch eggs and begin their development into adulthood. The more you vacuum the better. We recommend that you vacuum at least daily and dispose of the vacuum bag frequently. Wash all bedding, clothing, and washable upholstery. These items provide an ideal breeding environment, leaving fleas undisturbed even after treatments are com- plete, creating future infestations.


We apply a variety of products including Exciter, Nyguard, and Suspend, which act in concert with each other to ensure maximum control. Exciter will kill any insect that comes in contact with it. Suspend is also a powerful contact killer, but maintains a better residual--eliminating insects that come into contact with it in the future. Nyguard is an IGR (Integrated Growth Regulator) which will cause mor- phological abnormalities, essentially sterilizing affected fleas and eggs. We normally perform a blanket applica- tion including all carpet, drapes, and any upholstered furniture that can’t be washed, as well as an outside barrier treatment.

Help us Help You

Please keep in mind that doing your part can make the difference between one or two highly effective treatments or multiple less productive visits. It is not uncommon to see increased activity after treating infested areas, so please be patient and give our products a chance to work for you.

For top quality pest control and extermination services, please be sure to call our Oklahoma City office at (405) 330-2929, Lawton office at (580) 248-7378, Huntsville office at (256) 850-4423, Little Rock office at (501) 255-0349, or toll free at (866) 602-4907. We'll answer your call!